Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds


Rolling Blinds is the 2010 more mainstream office curtains. Advantages are rich variety, affordable, generous simple, good shade performance, easy installation. Also have been a lot of material shutter, easy to scrub the water. Curtain curtain to 2012 sub-bead curtain and spring positioning curtain and electric curtain three. And a thin, shade, thickening and other different specifications. Mainly divided into full shade, semi-shade that is the sun shutter two categories. Is the best choice for office curtains. Full shade roller curtains are recommended for use in sunny windows or office areas. Other light is not very strong or need a certain translucent effect of the occasion can choose semi-shading shutter.

Roller blinds are affering a stylish and contemporary window dressing for any interior. It made with various materials, colors, patterns, styles and allows different filter grades for light in required room.
Our collection of roller blinds features many features many colors and designs to suit any style and need. Plains, textures, stripes and patterns there’s everything from the classic to the contemporary in bright, bold and vivid colors plus light naturals and neutrals.

Material: Fabric
Pattern: Horizontal
Type: Roller
Style: Other
Color: Rich colored
Operation: Motorized Control
Function: Decoration
Top Tube: 38mm
Fabric: Sunscreen, blackout, semi blackout
Motor: 1.5NM, 0.7NM
The warranty of motor: 5 years
Size: customized size
Applications: Office, home, hotel, restaurant, school, apartment, flat, exhibition hall, etc
Usage: UV-anti/ sunscreen/ window decoration
Control: Manual, Motorized, Semi Auto


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