Timber Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds


Good ventilation, easy to install, simple style, generous simple, good shade performance. Free to adjust the indoor light, the appearance of clean and tidy, easy installation and demolition, commonly used in a variety of office space and living room living room, study, balcony and so on. Natural, fresh, elegant, demure, graceful, cool, scholarly filling. If the hurry of modern people, sitting under the bamboo curtain, but it can feel relaxed and simple, pastoral atmosphere of peace

Timber venetian blinds: 
1) Resistance to rot and crack;
2) High impact resistant
3) Environmentally friendly, recyclable
4) Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
5) Outstanding screw and nail retention
6) Broad range of finished and appearance
7) Width of the slat:25mm,35mm,50mm
8) Thickness of slat :2.5mm+-
9) Size available : As per customer or our regular
10) Color options :customized colors available.
11) Operation system control:Standard cord
12) Tilt Control: Spring
13) Soil and dust resistant: Good
14) Window Shape”Horizontal
15) Safety feature: Yes
16) UV protection:85%-99%

Timber Venetian Blinds- simple functional & Classic style. If you are look for natural timber, they are the perfect choice for your home or office place. Wooden blinds add a warm and luxurious atmosphere that is perfect for any home. Consisting of overlapping horizontal with wooden slat .

They ability to provide noise reduction, light control, weather insulation and privacy . Choose the Decoration tape ( optional ) to maximize light control.

Brand Name: Clascenex
Model Number: Timber Blinds
Material: Wood
Wood type: White Wood
Style: Venetian
Name: Classic decoration timber venetian blinds
Color: Customer’s Request
Usage: UV-anti/Sunscreen/Window Decoration
Feature: Blackout/Easy operation
Control: Manual control and electric control
Size: Customized Size
Pattern: Horizontal
Express: As your requirement


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