Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds


Wooden Outdoor Blinds are made of natural materials that give a sense of relaxation to any area of your house. Use of Wooden Blinds in interior courtyard is a great way to keep compartment in shade during day, which helps to keep cost of cooling your home. These blinds are made of natural materials are well suited for use outdoors. They can be hung from a metal or wooden frame to create atmosphere of a living room outdoors.

Window shades have two materials: wooden slats , bamboo slats.
This kind of blinds are easy to clean, not aging, fading, shading, insulation, ventilation and fire prevention.Suitable for high-grade office, bedroom, hotels, villas and other places, but it can be used with sticker more fresh and elegant style.Control methods are two kinds of manual .

1) Resistance to rot and crack;
2) High impact resistant
3) Environmentally friendly, recyclable
4) Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
5) Outstanding screw and nail retention
6) Broad range of finished and appearance
7) Width of the slat: 3/4” + 5mm (Round)
8) Thickness of slat :
9) Color options :customized colors available.
10) Light control: Diffused light, complete privacy
11) Operation system control:Standard cord
12) Tilt Control: Spring
13) Soil and dust resistant: Good
14) Window Shape”Horizontal
15) Safety feature:Yes
16) UV protection:75%-90%

Outdoor Blinds it is an ideal choice for a tropical and rustic theme for your home. Ideal kinds of blinds to use in balconies, patios, gazebos, backyards, etc, because it can withstand all kinds of weathering and surface dirt accumulation. It has many other advantages such as glare reduction, reduced energy consumption and provides daytime privacy whilst allowing you to enjoy your view.


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