Zebra Blinds by Clascenex
●Side Project – Bandar Sunway●

Have you think of having a Zebra Blinds in your house? Think no more, visit our website for the blinds that you most desire.

A million thanks for all of our valued customer fully support, changed their living room window cover with “Clacenex” Zebra Blinds before Hari Raya!!

Dress your window with Zebra Blinds

Ever have a feeling that your house window is missing something?
Thinks no more, all of the missing part you can find it in our website!?!
Feel free to look around at our website, contact us and you won’t regret about it!!!

A brand new zebra blinds in the house, this surely puts a smile on the face of the owner.

Few more month to go before CNY, wish all Happy Chinese New Year.
Huat Ahhh…………!?!
And don’t forget to visit our website for more info, and send us your inquiry .

Window cover can bring the best characteristic that the designer wants for their design. By choosing Clascenex, you surely finds the design that your desired the most due to the large number of product that we got.

Office is the place that we spend most of our time in other than home (but sometimes even more than home), especially for those that doing desk-job. By using the right blinds for it’s window, it will bring the spirit out form the space and call out the best performance out from the people inside.


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